Nanomaterials in the aquatic environment

The distribution, bioaccumulation and biomagnification of C-MNMs in complex micro- and mesocosm systems represent a broad research field.


What about the long term behaviour of nanoparticles under environmentally relevant conditions?

These aspects will be analysed in the NANO-Transfer project

Advisory board members

  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Nowak, EMPA, Switzerland 
  • Dr. Ralf Kägi, eawag, Switzerland 

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Schlechtriem, Fraunhofer IME, Germany 

  • Prof. Dr. Rolf Altenburger, UFZ, Germany 

  • Dr. Doris Völker, German Environmental Agency, Germany  

The Consortium forms a multicultural team of different scientists. 

RWTH Aachen University

Technical University of Dresden

Analysis under the view of distribution, bioaccumulation and biomagnification

WP1:  Fate, occurrence & behavior 
WP2: Bioaccumulation 
WP3: Effects
WP4: Case studies
WP5: Green applications 
WP6: Dissemination 

(C) 2017, Nano-Transfer
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